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  • Review and give opinions on the legitimacy, rationality and validity of dossiers, reports, and documents before submitting them to the Deputy General Director for signature and approval.
  • Participating in assigned meetings and projects, from supporting information, documents, capturing work to synthesizing, implementing and implementing.
  • Consulting the Deputy General Director on decisions related to finance, project P&L.
  • Work closely with departments and individuals to complete the work on schedule, urge and report promptly
  • Proposing and submitting plans and solutions for each task and project
  • Receiving, deploying and communicating information of the Deputy General Director to relevant departments, divisions and units and receiving feedback
  • Perform work to support the Deputy General Director, supervise and manage sudden problems


  • Having at least 3 years of experience in the position of specialized assistant, project management, or related positions
  • Good thinking, keen, logical, good looks
  • Good communication, high EQ
  • Good information synthesis and analysis skills.
  • Ability to handle situations quickly, proactively propose
  • Having a strong sense of responsibility when working in a team as well as working independently
  • Good informatics skills
  • Fluent in English


Salary and commission

  • Salary negotiable according to ability (Hard salary + performance bonus)
  • 13th-month salary bonus, social and health insurance, 12 days of annual leave, domestic and foreign travel, and other benefits as prescribed by law.

Working environment:

  • High-tech working equipment.
  • Modern and professional office.
  • Young, dynamic and creative environment
  • Youthful cultural events and activities (New Year holidays, company establishment, blocks, football tournaments, summaries, Miss VC, Mo Lang radio, ...)

Other benefits:

  • Policy on social insurance, health insurance and other benefits in accordance with the Law and the Company's regulations.
  • Vacation policy according to the company's regulations
  • Leave policy in accordance with the Labor Law
  • The policy of filial duty, wedding ceremony, and childbirth
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